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Finally, an Update

Greetings from the frigid farm…you have probably been wondering what has become of us since 2011. It is now 2013, and the good news is we are still here. Both Jeff and I were entrenched in our corporate positions, and while we have continued to work the farm behind the scenes, we haven’t been focusing on the information side.  A second layoff for me has probably corrected that, and our goal is to update at least monthly, if not weekly.  Our timeline to fulltime at the farm is probably delayed a bit, but the goal has not changed. We picked our first plum and Fameuse apple last year. The apple was indescribably delicious!  One, if not 2, of the rows of asparagus are on track to produce this year. We lost 30 % of our beehives last year, but the remaining ones were healthy but produced a smaller crop of honey ( a common condition reported in the beekeeping community last year).  We have switched to Russian bees due to their winter hardiness and gentler nature.  We marketed the honey at several winter markets.  Unfortunately we have lost almost all the huge old oaks along the road to oak wilt disease.  We are replanting trees along that edge of the farm, beginning with spruce trees—but the lack of water caused us to lose about a quarter of those. Staying positive, Plans for 2014 improvements are under way, stay warm we will keep you posted…ImageImage

Welcome to Barden Ridge Farms

Welcome to Barden Ridge Farms, a source for local foodstuffs in south central Wisconsin.  Our new site is under construction, so check back every now and then for an update….